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quotations QuoteMonger.com is an online collection of eclectic and semi random quotations collected by me while reading. Some quotations may be familiar, others are not quoted very often. I have organized them loosely by various categories. Unlike most online quotation sites, each quote was hand selected and the site is not database driven. I feel that this allows for a more personal approach. I hope that you enjoy the quotations that have been selected. More will be added from time to time.



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I am sure that you have also noticed the small images that appear next to the quotations. You may have asked yourself, what do they mean? Nothing, really. These images are public domain images from various encyclopedias, mainly from the mid-1800s, that I found interesting. For the most part they are not related to the quotation next to them but in some cases there is an odd symmetry, a sort of rorscharch test, if you will.