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Anecdotes and Quotations

anecdotes Nasrudin said, "I can see in the dark." A student asked, "If that is so, why do you sometimes carry a candle at night?" "To prevent other people from bumping into me."


For thirty years a certain man went to spend every evening with Mme. ___. When his wife died his friends believed he would marry her, and urged him to do so. “No, no,” he said: “if I did, where should I have to spend my evenings?” -- Chamfort


aesop's fables
A Doe, blind of an eye, was accustomed to graze as near to the edge of the sea as she possibly could, to secure greater safety. She turned her eye towards the land, that she might perceive the approach of a hunter or hound, and her injured eye towards the sea, from which she entertained no anticipation of danger. Some boatmen, sailing by, saw her, and, taking a successful aim, mortally wounded her. Said she: "O wretched creature that I am! to take such precaution against the land, and, after all, to find this seashore, to which I had come for safety, so much more perilous."

Danger sometimes comes from a source that is least suspected.
- from Aesop's Fables

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