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Casanova Quotes

  • The first motive is always self-interest. -- Casanova

  • Love always makes men selfish, since all the sacrifices they make for the beloved object are always ultimately referable to their own desires. -- Casanova

  • For is love anything else than a kind of curiosity? I think not; and what makes me certain is that when the curiosity is satisfied the love disappears. -- Casanova

  • Blondel regards his wife as his mistress. He says that that keeps the flame of love alight, and that as he never had a mistress worthy of being a wife, he is delighted to have a wife worthy of being a mistress. -- Casanova

  • Economy in pleasure is not to my taste. -- Casanova

  • [Marriage] is the grave of love. -- Casanova

  • As old age steals on a man he is never tired of dwelling again and again on the incidents of his past life, in spite of his desire to arrest the sands which run out so quickly. -- Casanova

  • Calumnies are easy to utter but hard to refute. -- Casanova

  • Is selfishness, then, the universal motor of our actions? I am afraid it is. -- Casanova

  • Man is an animal that has to learn his lesson by hard experience in battling with the storms of life. Thus the world is always in disorder and always ignorant, for those who know are always in an infinitesimal proportion to the whole. -- Casanova

  • I have loved women even to madness, but I have always loved liberty better -- Casanova

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