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Napoleon Quotes


Napoleon quotes

These quotes were all written or spoken by Napoleon Bonaparte.

  • Gold, changes black to white, guilt to innocence -- Napoleon

  • I have made sovereigns, but have not wished to be one myself -- Napoleon

  • A sect cannot be destroyed by cannon-balls -- Napoleon

  • Every time we go to war with them we teach them how to beat us -- Napoleon

  • Treaties of peace no less disastrous than the wars -- Napoleon

  • Suspicion and tyranny are inseparable companions -- Napoleon

  • Prepared to become your victim, but not your accomplice -- Napoleon

  • Most charming mistresses and the worst wives -- Napoleon

  • Little gifts preserve friendship -- Napoleon

  • Living ever in the future -- Napoleon

  • Procure him after a useless life, a glorious death -- Napoleon

  • A stranger to remorse and repentance, as well as to honour -- Napoleon

  • We are tired of everything, even of our existence -- Napoleon

  • General who is too fond of his life ought never to enter a camp -- Napoleon

  • Military diplomacy -- Napoleon

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