Quotes About Hair



Those curious locks so aptly twined,
Whose every hair a soul doth bind.
_To A.L. Persuasions to Love_. T. CAREW.

Beware of her fair hair, for she excels
All women in the magic of her locks;
And when she winds them round a young man's neck,
She will not ever set him free again.
_Faust: Sc. Walpurgis Night_. GOETHE. _Trans. of_ SHELLEY.

Her glossy hair was clustered o'er a brow
Bright with intelligence, and fair, and smooth.
_Don Juan, Canto I_. LORD BYRON.

It was brown with a golden gloss, Janette,
It was finer than silk of the floss, my pet;
'Twas a beautiful mist falling down to your wrist,
'Twas a thing to be braided, and jewelled, and kissed--
'Twas the loveliest hair in the world, my pet.
_Janette's Hair_. C.G. HALPINE (_Miles O'Reilly_).

As she fled fast through sun and shade,
The happy winds upon her played,
Blowing the ringlets from the braid.
_Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere_. A. TENNYSON.

Come let me pluck that silver hair
Which 'mid thy clustering curls I see;
The withering type of time or care
Has nothing, sure, to do with thee.
_The Grey Hair_. A.A. WATTS.


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