Quotes About Heroism



The hero is the world-man, in whose heart
One passion stands for all, the most indulged.
_Festus: Proem_. P.J. BAILEY.

The hero is not fed on sweets,
Daily his own heart he eats;
Chambers of the great are jails,
And head-winds right for royal sails.
_Essays: Heroism_. R.W. EMERSON.

Unbounded courage and compassion joined,
Tempering each other in the victor's mind,
Alternately proclaim him good and great,
And make the hero and the man complete.
_The Campaign_. J. Addison.

See the conquering hero comes,
Sound the trumpet, beat the drums.
_Orations of Joshua_. T. MORELL.

The man that is not moved at what he reads,
That takes not fire at their heroic deeds,
Unworthy of the blessings of the brave,
Is base in kind, and born to be a slave.
_Table Talk_. W. COWPER.


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