Quotes About Hospitality



You must come home with me and be my guest;
You will give joy to me, and I will do
All that is in my power to honor you.
_Hymn to Mercury_, P.B. SHELLEY.

Sir, you are very welcome to our house:
It must appear in other ways than words,
Therefore I scant this breathing courtesy.
_Merchant of Venice, Act v. Sc_. 1. SHAKESPEARE.

So saying, with despatchful looks in haste
She turns, on hospitable thoughts intent.
_Paradise Lost, Bk. V_. MILTON.

This night I hold an old accustomed feast,
Whereto I have invited many a guest,
Such as I love; and you among the store,
One more, most welcome, makes my number more.
_Romeo and Juliet, Act i. Sc_. 2. SHAKESPEARE.

The atmosphere
Breathes rest and comfort and the many chambers
Seem full of welcomes.
_Masque of Pandora_. H.W. LONGFELLOW.

Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.
_Comedy of Errors, Act iii. Sc_. 1. SHAKESPEARE.

Oh, better no doubt is a dinner of herbs,
When seasoned by love, which no rancor disturbs
And sweetened by all that is sweetest in life
Than turbot, bisque, ortolans, eaten in strife!
_Lucile_. LORD LYTTON (_Owen Meredith_).

Now good digestion wait on appetite,
And health on both!
_Macbeth, Act iii. Sc_. 4. SHAKESPEARE.

I've often wished that I had clear,
For life, six hundred pounds a year,
A handsome house to lodge a friend,
A river at my garden's end.
_Imitation of Horace, Bk. II. Sat_. 6. J. SWIFT.

True friendship's laws are by this rule exprest,
Welcome the coming, speed the parting guest.
_Odyssey, Bk. XV_. HOMER. _Trans. of_ POPE.


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