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A thing of beauty is a joy forever. -- Keats

The joy resulting from the diffusion of blessings to all around us is the purest and sublimest that can ever enter the human mind, and can be conceived only by those who have experienced it. Next to the consolations of divine grace, it is the most sovereign balm to the miseries of life, both in him who is the object of it, and in him who exercises it.—Bishop Porteus.

Who partakes in another's joys is a more humane character than he who partakes in his griefs.—Lavater.

Joy is more divine than sorrow; for joy is bread, and sorrow is medicine.—Beecher.

Without kindness, there can be no true joy.—Carlyle.

Joy is an import; joy is an exchange;
Joy flies monopolists: it calls for two;
Rich fruit! Heaven planted! never pluck'd by one.

What though my wingèd hours of bliss have been,
Like angel-visits, few and far between.
_Pleasures of Hope, Pt. II_. T. CAMBPELL

How fading are the joys we dote upon!
Like apparitions seen and gone;
But those which soonest take their flight
Are the most exquisite and strong;
Like angels' visits, short and bright,
Mortality's too weak to bear them long.
_The Parting_. J. NORRIS.

And these are joys, like beauty, but skin deep.
_Festus, Sc. A Village Feast_. P.J. BAILEY.

Joys too exquisite to last,
And yet more exquisite when past.
_The Little Cloud_. J. MONTGOMERY.

The joy late coming late departs.
_Some Sweet Day_. L.J. BATES.

There's not a joy the world can give like that it takes away.
_Song: There's Not a Joy_. LORD BYRON.

Base Envy withers at another's joy,
And hates that excellence it cannot reach.
_The Seasons: Spring_. J. THOMSON.

How sweet a thing it is to wear a crown;
Within whose circuit is Elysium
And all that poets feign of bliss and joy.
_King Henry VI., Pt. III. Act i. Sc. 2_. SHAKESPEARE.

Sorrows remembered sweeten present joy.
_The Course of Time, Bk. I_. R. POLLOK.

O stay!--O stay!--
Joy so seldom weaves a chain
Like this to-night, that, oh! 'tis pain
To break its links so soon.
_Fly Not Yet_. T. MOORE.


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