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Two voices are there; one is of the sea,
One of the mountains; each a mighty Voice.
_Thought of a Briton on the Subjugation of Switzerland_.

Who first beholds those everlasting clouds,
Seedtime and harvest, morning, noon, and night,
Still where they were, steadfast, immovable;
Who first beholds the Alps--that mighty chain

Of mountains, stretching on from east to west,
So massive, yet so shadowy, so ethereal,
As to belong rather to heaven than earth--
But instantly receives into his soul
A sense, a feeling that he loses not,
A something that informs him 'tis a moment
Whence he may date henceforward and forever!
_Italy_. S. ROGERS.

The avalanche--the thunderbolt of snow!--
All that expands the spirit, yet appalls,
Gather around these summits, as to show
How earth may pierce to Heaven, yet leave vain man below.
_Childe Harold, Canto III_. LORD BYRON.

Mountains interposed
Make enemies of nations, who had else
Like kindred drops been mingled into one.
_The Task, Bk. II_. W. COWPER.

Over the hills and far away.
_The Beggar's Opera, Act i. Sc_. 1. J. GAY.

Mont Blanc is the monarch of mountains;
They crowned him long ago
On a throne of rocks, in a robe of clouds,
With a diadem of snow.
_Manfred, Act i. Sc. 1_. LORD BYRON.


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