Quotes About Power



Power, like a desolating pestilence,
Pollutes whate'er it touches; and obedience,
Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth,
Makes slaves of men, and of the human frame.
A mechanized automaton.
_Queen Mab, Pt. III_. P.B. SHELLEY.

Because the good old rule
Sufficeth them, the simple plan,
That they should take who have the power,
And they should keep who can.
_Rob Roy's Grave_. W. WORDSWORTH.

For what can power give more than food and drink,
To live at ease, and not be bound to think?
_Medal_. J. DRYDEN.

Patience and gentleness is power.
_On a Lock of Milton's Hair_. L. HUNT.

Some novel power
Sprang up forever at a touch,
And hope could never hope too much,
In watching thee from hour to hour.
_In Memoriam, CXI_. A. TENNYSON.

A power is passing from the earth.
_On the Expected Dissolution of Mr. Fox_. W. WORDSWORTH.

He hath no power that hath not power to use.
_Festus, Sc. A Visit_. P.J. BAILEY.


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