Quotes About Silence



Three Silences there are: the first of speech,
The second of desire, the third of thought.
_The Three Silences of Molinos_. H.W. LONGFELLOW.

Stillborn silence! thou that art
Flood-gate of the deeper heart!
_Silence_. R. FLECKNOE

And silence, like a poultice, comes
To heal the blows of sound.
_The Music Grinder_. O.W. HOLMES.

Silence in love betrays more woe
Than words, though ne'er so witty;
A beggar that is dumb, you know,
May challenge double pity.
_The Silent Lover_. SIR W. RALEIGH.

Shallow brooks murmur moste,
deepe silent slide away.
_The Arcadia, Thirsis and Dorus_. SIR PH. SIDNEY.

What, gone without a word?
Aye, so true love should do: it cannot speak;
For truth hath better deeds than words to grace it.
_Two Gentlemen of Verona, Act ii. Sc. 3_. SHAKESPEARE.

The rest is silence.
_Hamlet, Act v. Sc. 2_. SHAKESPEARE.


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