Quotes About Soul



Summe up at night what thou hast done by day;
And in the morning what thou hast to do.
Dresse and undresse thy soul; mark the decay
And growth of it: if, with thy watch, that too
Be down, then winde up both; since we shall be
Most surely judged, make thy accounts agree.
_The Temple: The Church Porch_. G. HERBERT.

Go to your bosom;
Knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know.
_Measure for Measure, Act ii. Sc. 2_. SHAKESPEARE.

O ignorant, poor man! what dost thou bear
Locked up within the casket of thy breast?
What jewels and what riches hast thou there?
What heavenly treasure in so weak a chest?
_Worth of the Soul_. SIR J. DAVIES.

Let Fortune empty all her quiver on me;
I have a soul that like an ample shield,
Can take in all, and verge enough for more.
_Sebastian, Act i. Sc. 1_. J. DRYDEN.

And keeps that palace of the soul serene.
_Of Tea_. E. WALLER.

A happy soul, that all the way
To heaven hath a summer's day.
_In Praise of Lessius' Mule of Health_. R. CRASHAW.

And rest at last where souls unbodied dwell,
In ever-flowing meads of Asphodel.
_Odyssey, Bk. XXIV_. HOMER. _Trans. of_ POPE.


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