Quotes About Vanity



As eddies draw things frivolous and light,
How is man's heart by vanity drawn in!
_Night Thoughts_ DR. E. YOUNG.

One prospect lost, another still we gain;
And not a vanity is giv'n in vain:
Even mean Self-love becomes, by force divine,
The scale to measure others' wants by thine.
_Essay on Man, Epistle II_. A. POPE.

Sir Plume (of amber snuff-box justly vain,
And the nice conduct of a clouded cane),
With earnest eyes, and round unthinking face,
He first the snuff-box opened, then the case.
_Rape of the Lock_ A. POPE.

Light vanity, insatiate cormorant.
Consuming means, soon preys upon itself.
_King Richard II., Act ii. Sc. I_. SHAKESPEARE.


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