Quotes About Zeal



Zeal and duty are not slow;
But on occasion's forelock watchful wait.
_Paradise Regained, Bk. III_. MILTON.

For virtue's self may too much zeal be had;
The worst of madmen is a saint run mad.
_Satires of Horace, Sat. I Bk. II_. A. POPE.

No seared conscience is so fell
As that, which has been burned with zeal;
For Christian charity's as well
A great impediment to zeal,
As zeal's a pestilent disease
To Christian charity and peace.
_Miscellaneous Thoughts_. S. BUTLER.

Easy still it proves, in factious times,
With public zeal to cancel private crimes.
_Absalom and Achitophel_. J. DRYDEN.

Awake, my soul; stretch every nerve,
And press with vigor on:
A heavenly race demands thy zeal,
And an immortal crown.
_Zeal and Vigor in the Christian Race_. PH. DODDRIDGE.


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