Quotes About Dew



Dewdrops, Nature's tears, which she
Sheds in her own breast for the fair which die.
The sun insists on gladness; but at night,
When he is gone, poor Nature loves to weep.
_Festus: Sc. Water and Wood. Midnight_. P.J. BAILEY.

Dewdrops are the gems of morning,
But the tears of mournful eve!
_Youth and Age_. S.T. COLERIDGE.

The dews of the evening most carefully shun,--
Those tears of the sky for the loss of the sun.
_Advice to a Lady in Autumn_. EARL OF CHESTERFIELD.

With coronet of fresh and fragrant flower;
The same dew, which sometimes on the buds
Was wont to swell, like round and orient pearls,
Stood now within the pretty flow'rets' eyes,
Like tears that did their own disgrace bewail.
_Midsummer Night's Dream, Act iv. Sc_. 1. SHAKESPEARE.

I've seen the dewdrop clinging
To the rose just newly born.
_Mary of Argyle_. C. JEFFREYS.

An host
Innumerable as the stars of night,
Or stars of morning, dewdrops, which the sun
Impearls on every leaf and every flower.
_Paradise Lost, Book V_. MILTON.

The dewdrops in the breeze of morn.
Trembling and sparkling on the thorn.
_A Collection of Mary F_. J. MONTGOMERY.


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